Windows 8.1 application issues

Being a User/Customer/Client you would always want to get any product or service in its best Form of quality.

We always seek quality in everything.

So just imagine this situation with me, you are very thirsty and someone offered you two glasses of Juice, the first one looked pretty good, and tasted well too, but the other one was too sweet and not as good looking as the first one, therefore you will absolutely drink the first glass of juice, Now let’s analyze this situation.


What made you drink that juice in the first place?

– Thirst, right so that’s our (objective)

What made you choose the first glass of juice to drink?

_ It looked good, (let’s call that (x) for right now)

_ It tasted well, (let’s call that   (y) for right now)

We will assume that.

 (x) + (y) = (QUALITY)


(x) + (y) + (objective) >> forced you to drink the first glass of juice.

So now let’s apply that Concept that you got from this situation to app development;

If you are a user and you want to download an application

For a certain purpose, and you find many apps that will do that objective.

What would make you download and keep any of them on your device?

So let’s make our Formula again.

We agreed back there that (x) + (y) stands for (QUALITY)


(Objective) + (x) + (y) >> made you download and keep that app on your      device.

Here we call (x) – an attractive UI, UX Design.

And (Y) will be (the efficiency of the app from the technical perspective).

And I mean by that, an application which doesn’t crash, have no bugs in it, and always supports the users with the updates they need.

Now Let’s Discuss the Essentials for a Successful App

  • A focus on quality should be part of your entire app delivery process:

From initial concept through app, UI, UX design, coding, testing and onto a process of monitoring feedback and making improvement after launch

  • Users expect high-quality apps.
  • App quality directly influences the long-term success of your app—in terms of installs, user rating and reviews, engagement, and user retention.
  • A higher quality app can translate to higher user ratings,
  • generally better rankings, more downloads, and
  • (Longer install periods) higher retention.

Now we will discuss some of windows 8.1 app issues.

  • Design Problems
  • Technical Problems
  • Others.

Let’s start with the Design Problems. 

  • Poor Design
  • Not being delighted with motions.
  • Not categorizing your content in a good way.
  • Not reducing the ads.
  • The name of the app and the logo don’t match with the idea
  • Low quality images
  • Splash screen.
  • Snap view.

Technical problems.

  • Functionality Problems.
  • Location isn’t accurate.
  • App is working slowly.
  • App crashes.

Other issues

  • No clear value for the app.
  •  your app isn’t up-to-date.

Here are some samples for this common issues

Screenshot (241) Screenshot (235) Screenshot (234) Screenshot (233) Screenshot (232)

Screenshot (231)

Use some help

  • Microsoft design principles.

  • Uniquely Windows
    Elements that set your app apart.

  • Be Inspired.

 Thank you and Good luck 🙂 


2 thoughts on “Windows 8.1 application issues

  1. simple but u nailed it great job brother ❤


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